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Balfurd Cleaners has been Tailoring to the Community for 93 Years

For 93 years, Balfurd Cleaners has been helping the State College community look great and save time. This fourth-generation family owned business is a big part of the Heart of Happy Valley.

As a local business, the main goal and key to their success has been meeting the needs of their customers.

“We started as a tailoring shop, then began offering dry cleaning, and diversified further into linen and healthcare rental service,” Monika Manter, Vice President of Balfurd said. “We also have a fire/water textile restoration service and our newest service is a subscription laundry service. We’ve went through such a radical transformation in our services because we listen to our clients and client satisfaction is our primary priority.”

Manter loves that Balfurd is a part of the State College community.

“State College is such a special place. We feel so fortunate to be here in such a supportive and thriving community. We have staff that has been with us for decades and customers who knew my great-grandfather.”

Manter believes that local business is the heart of a community.

“Every dollar you spend at a local business will go right back into the local economy or be donated to local nonprofits. Local businesses create local jobs and contribute to the ecosystem of small businesses who all work in tandem.”

You can visit Balfurd Cleaners locations in State College at 1223 South Atherton Street and 215 South Atherton Street.