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Be More Than Ordinary, Be Ikonic


June 27, 2017

IkonicLogo copyIkonic Ink newly defines the world of tattoos and piercings with a light, modern and open studio that ends the idea of a dark and frightening experience. Owner David Faussete works strategically to create a family friendly, professional, welcoming environment – a place where your children would be comfortable getting their ears pierced, or for you to get your first or tenth tattoo. Growing up with friends who have become body artists, David wanted to create a studio that steered away from the negative connotations of tattoos and piercings.  Thus, Ikonic Ink took on a professional approach and opened its doors in May of 2012 to create a fresh environment for clients and tattoo artists to be able to express their creativity. Since opening, the company has multiplied, opening studios in Altoona, Bloomsburg and Indiana while expanding the downtown location to a larger space.

If you’re looking for a great piercer, Jesse Barto is the man. His training with The Association of Professional Piercers training and experience with a wide variety of piercing techniques have helped him grow into one of the best piercers around. He works with clients of all ages including children over the age of 5. By giving the children lollipops, receiving their verbal consent and using needles instead of piercing guns, Jesse eases the new experience for the comfort of your child.

20170613_130536Your experience and well-being is immensely important during the process of getting body art. There’s only one of you, and the staff recognizes your individuality. The Ikonic Ink experience includes consultations and professional customization from true artists with graphic design degrees that make them a dominant force in the tattoo industry. The staff regularly attends safety seminars and expos to ensure your comfort and health as a client. The staff schedules appointments and call backs to make sure your healing process is progressing, and customizes your aftercare based off how your body is healing.

Take a virtual tour of the studio and check out the daily specials and weekly featured tattoo artists online. You can also stop in to talk to manager Stephanie Hutton about jewelry or the processes that take place in the studio. Walk-ins for both tattoos and piercings are accepted, but it is recommended to schedule an appointment to avoid heavy wait times. Trust in the professionals at the studio to help you be different, be you and be ikonic.

Ikonic Ink Film Strip
From left to right: Tattoos done by Shawn, Jordan, and Adam

Business Information:

Website: www.ikonicink.net

Facebook: www.facebook.com/IkonicInkShop1

Address: 111 W. Beave Ave. State College PA 16801

Phone Number: 814 -826 -2351

Lexie Matinog interned at the Downtown State College Improvement District Interns for the spring of 2017. She  majored in journalism – digital print and minoring in business administration. As a graduate, Lexie is using her skills gained at the Downtown Improvement District to further her communications career.