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Burgers and milkshakes, a classic combo.  BRGR takes this combo to the next level with their spiked milkshakes and variety of nontraditional burgers.  BRGR is slated to arrive at 122 West College Avenue in early September 2019, just in time for football season!

Of course they offer yummy classic burgers but if you’re in the mood for something different, their signature burgers are out of this world.  They feature many ingredients you wouldn’t think to put together but when you do it’s an explosion of amazing flavors.  If you want to create your own burger they have plenty of options to accommodate everyone.  What is most impressive about BRGR is their selection of patties.  They have Angus, falafel, turkey, salmon, dry aged beef, bison, grilled chicken, grass fed beef and ahi tuna.  With options for vegetarians, fish lovers, and meat enthusiasts, this burger place is living in the future!  And, with a variety of patties you need a variety of buns so BRGR offers choices such as brioche, whole wheat, lettuce wrap, gluten free, pretzel, or no bun.  Then when it comes to sauces, cheeses, and add-ons, they have everything you can think of, even peanut butter.  BRGR has so many options you can easily create a burger you will fall in love with!

To go along with your burger you can also get a banging milkshake, with flavors from vanilla to fruity pebbles cereal, including spiked shakes as an option!

And don’t forget about fries.  BRGR is fry heaven.  They have original fries that you can add cheese, Parmesan and herb, chili, and even truffles.  Or switch it up and order the sweet potato fries, onion rings, tots or homemade chips.

But wait it doesn’t stop there.  They have more than just burgers on their menu.  They have mac n cheese, tacos, nachos, grilled cheese, wings, chicken and waffles, and salads.  So if you’re not feeling burgers one day you can choose from their other yummy options.

Go check it out for a fabulous food fest that is sure to delight your palate!

For more information, take a look at their website http://brgrpgh.com/