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Downtown Welcomes 3 Dots!

Dot Dot Dot…
3 Dots is opening in June and the possibilities are endless!
3 Dots is a unique space like none other designed to enhance one’s artistic experience.
The space supports all local talent, like art, performance, food and music, creating a hub for creativity and possibilities.
So if you want to display your art, perform your music, or share your food you can with 3 Dots.
As an artist this space gives you the opportunity to present your art. As an audience member 3 Dots creates a world of anticipation,
not knowing what you will see, hear, or taste when you enter. For both, it cultivates an environment to experience local art, engage with the community, and develop culture!
The space will have different activities throughout the week such as public hours, lunch performances, and Tuesday gatherings.
Public hours are Tuesday through Saturday from 11am-7pm during which the gallery and lounge will be open for exploration of various art exhibits.
Lunchtime performances are noontime performances every weekday where you can bring food and friends and enjoy a free show.
Upcoming lunchtime performances include:
Tuesday gatherings will happen every Tuesday from 5-7 pm…a way to unwind after a long day and can be anything from social hour to brainstorming.
Along with these weekly happenings, the space is also available to rent for private or public events…they are now accepting bookings!
The space can be used for most anything and as their tag line implies, it’s “only limited by your imagination”!
3 Dots is meant to foster local creativity and is a community venture where feedback, suggestions and concerns are always welcome.
Check out 3 Dots at 137 E. Beaver Avenue and take in all the possibilities this space has to offer!