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The State Theatre: An Historic Landmark & Cultural Hub

When The State Theatre reopened in 2006, it has become a huge part of the Heart of Happy Valley.

The State Theatre prides itself on having something for everyone. With the largest screen in the county and being Centre County’s only non-profit performing arts center, The State Theatre is a hub of arts and culture in the State College community. The biggest key to its success is the community support that it receives in the form of donations and sponsorship’s.

Karen Gregg, the Executive Director of The State Theatre, is excited to reopen after being closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Once we re-open, we plan on having something for everyone each month. Simulcasts of Met Opera, film, dance, theater, improv, music and everything in between.”

Gregg is appreciative of the community environment, thinking of the local business environment as much more personal.

“Since we reopened, the community has supported us through donations, memberships, sponsorship’s, and just coming to our events. It’s great to see everybody on a regular basis.”

The State Theatre also gives back to the State College community by partnering with other non-profits organizations and restaurants in Downtown State College.

You can visit The State Theatre in Downtown State College once they re-open at 130 W. College Avenue.