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The Tavern: Honoring Tradition & Embracing Innovation

Back in 1948, The Tavern was started by two KDR fraternity brothers who were World War II veterans. Today, The Tavern stands strong and is a key part of the heart of Happy Valley.

Pat Daugherty, the owner of The Tavern, wants the public to have a place to feel comfortable and celebrate their big milestones, as well as just go out for dinner.

Daugherty knows the importance of local businesses in the community.

“There are some big chains that do support their local communities. However, a bigger percentage of the dollars people spend here stay in the community.”

One of the keys to Daugherty’s success is striking a balance between tradition and change.

“I think that we have tried to strike a balance between innovation and tradition. We try to maintain our improvement and innovation while honoring the things the Tavern is known for.”

The Tavern is finally re-open after the COVID-19 shutdown with limited hours five days a week, Tuesday through Sunday from 5 p.m. to 9 p.m, with new items on their menu and a fresh coat of paint.


You can visit The Tavern at 220 East College Avenue in Downtown State College.