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Yallah Taco Opens Second Location

If you thought one Yallah Taco was good…how about a second?

Yallah Taco opened its expanded second restaurant on 310 E. College Avenue, at the end of August 2020. Owner, Hitham Hiyajneh, said the new location would allow them to expand its service by serving breakfast and lunch, in addition to their signature tacos and burritos. He also stated that the new location would begin to serve “platters and more authentic Mexican food”.

With an existing Yallah Taco operating on 217 McAllister Alley, Hiyajneh hopes the expanded location on College Avenue will help him manage the public demand. He said “College Ave. gives us a whole different exposure. The space over there is way better in the sense that there’s more room and we can make a lot more food”.

Additionally, Hiyajneh owns Yallah Burrito on 404 E. Calder Way.

With the meaning of Yallah being “let’s go”, take a look downtown and wander in for a bite to eat in the new Yallah Taco.