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Love Stories


Here are a few, local love stories that all began in Downtown State College…








I spent the first four hours knowing my lovely wife in downtown State College.  We sat in Pickle’s with a mutual group of friends.  I knew that night that she would become special to me.  Every time we go to Pickles, we take a moment and sit in the bench seat in the window where we met











I bought a ring for my sweetie 43 years ago in one of the downtown jewelry stores. She finally said yes. In June, we will celebrate 42 wonderful years of marriage, three awesome kids, and some amazing memories!








My husband and I shared our first date(s) in downtown state College. We first met at Starbucks on College Ave, followed by a lovely walk around campus. As I was paying for parking at the Fraser Street parking garage at the end of our date, my now-husband asked if I wanted to extend our outing by grabbing dinner. We ended up at the Allen Street Grill and the rest is history, as they say! We have been married for 2 1/2 years now and frequently go downtown to re-live our first date. Downtown State College is one of our favorite places to be together! We shop, eat, and take in the sights!








Favorite downtown love story?  Lunch.  My favorite downtown love story is my own…all of the awesome lunches my husband and I have downtown.  Tadashi, Irvings, Cozy Thai, Fiddlehead, Green Bowl… Once a week, we meet for lunch and have about 40 minutes of uninterrupted conversation and connection – something we don’t often get with 4 kids at home!  The diverse offerings of our downtown and the sweet walks through the tree-lined streets are something that we so appreciate each week. ; )








When I was a 22 year old Penn State red-shirt senior, I took my roommate’s 9-week old Bernese mountain dog for a walk. Walking down Calder Way, I met a lady who stopped to pet the dog and shared that her boss had just lost his 8 year old Newfoundland dog to strychnine poisoning. So, we decided to drop-by the office to brighten his day. The whole office greeted us and a handsome man with salt and pepper hair knelt down to pet the dog. We chatted and then I left to continue walking the dog. A few moments later, the man caught up to us and introduced himself. Through the miracle of mutual friends, we ended up at the Adam’s Apple to celebrate a friend’s birthday a few days later. We spent the evening telling stories and laughing. Our first date was three days later, beginning at Mario & Luigi’s Italian Restaurant with stops at the Den, the Adam’s Apple, and ending at the Rathskeller. Seven days later I knew I would marry this guy.








My fiancé and I couldn’t tell our love story without downtown – from hanging out with mutual friends at Local Whiskey to dancing all night at Indigo. So, it was fitting that we were downtown celebrating our birthdays with about 50 friends and family members when he surprised me by proposing!








Our wedding incorporated so many local bands from the downtown music scene! Everyone was there – it was a blast! Fast-forward a few years and our love story continues in downtown, as we’ve been able to move back with our kids and open up a business here.








After our wedding reception, we headed downtown with all of our guests to continue the celebration! The night ended at the Phyrst and I’ll never forget dancing on the bar in my wedding dress. Now, I work downtown every day in the place where I have so many amazing memories.








What started as a college job at McLanahan’s ended up as a fulfilling career at the Borough, where I met my husband!


Thank you to everyone who shared their special story!  Stop by our office or drop us a note to share your Downtown State College love story!