Get Around

Everything you need to live work and play is just a walk, bike, or bus ride away!
Thousands of people travel into Downtown State College every day to work, and thousands more come just to have fun. Downtown is easily accessible by foot and all modes of transportation including, bicycle, bus, and automobile. Centre County bike trails connect with downtown streets, containing plenty of bike racks, and sidewalks provide ample walking space to quickly get to your destination or a lunchtime stroll.

The main CATA bus station is located in the center of downtown and busses provide free bike transportation with a bike rack at the front of every bus. CATA serves downtown with environmentally friendly, natural gas powered busses and numerous bus lines including a campus shuttle.

More than 2,000 parking spaces are available on the street, in parking garages and lots throughout the downtown. Having plenty of transportation options makes it easier for everyone to get around. Whether it’s by bus or bike, or by parking once and walking to multiple locations, smart transit choices help us all reduce traffic and parking congestion.