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Weekend Events February 7- 9

Are you looking for something fun to do this  weekend? Look no further! Downtown State College Improvement District has got you covered. Continue reading to discover events happening in and around downtown between Friday, February 7th and Sunday, February 9th. Enjoy!

Friday, February 7th

East Coast Swing- First Friday               6:00-7:00 pm @ Central PA Dance Workshop

STEM Workshop- First Friday               5:00-8:00 pm @ Woskob Family Gallery

Fused Glass Class- First Friday              6:00-8:00 pm @ The Makery

KidTech Activity- First Friday                 5:00-8:00 pm @ Appalachian Outdoors

First Friday at the State Theatre           5:00-7:00 pm @ The State Theatre

Ruth Kazez Art Exhibit                                5:30-7:30 pm @ The Expect More Store

Shallow 9                                                             10:30 pm @ The Saloon

Eric McCrum                                                     10:30pm-1:00 am @ Doggie’s Pub

Saturday, February 8th

Mantra Fest: Yoga as Music                     6:30-8:30 pm @ Webster’s Bookstore & Cafe

EDM Night                                                         9:00pm-2:00am @ The Basement Nightspot

Live Wire                                                            10:00pm-1:30 am @ Doggie’s Pub

Community Drum Circle                           3:00-5:00 pm @ 3 Dots Downtown

Keller Williams                                                8:00-11:00 pm @ The State Theatre

The Roof and Riff                                           9:00pm-2:00 am @ Zeno’s Pub

Andy Tolins & Vinnie Searfoss                8:30 pm @ Chumley’s

Sunday, February 9th

Mindful Manifesto                                         3:00-5:00 pm @ The Makery

The Extra Miles                                                12:00-2:00 pm @ Webster’s Bookstore & Cafe

The Wood Brothers                                       7:00-9:00 pm @ The State Theatre