Downtown State College

Downtown State College Improvement District

The Downtown State College Improvement District is a live, work, and play neighborhood that sparks the creative, the eclectic, and the local. We’re a constantly adapting, progressive community of people, with tradition blending harmoniously with trends in, food, entertainment and the arts. DSCID is devoted to preserving and enhancing the value and vitality of Downtown, and works to retain, expand and attract businesses and investment to improve the Downtown environment. The result is the establishment of Downtown State College as the premier business, cultural and entertainment destination in the Centre County.

DSCID is a Neighborhood Improvement District, established by ordinance of the Borough of State College in accordance with the laws of Pennsylvania. The District extends from Atherton Street to Sowers Street, College Avenue to Highland Alley.

With over 350 participating businesses, DSCID sponsors annual events, promotions and other civic-minded pursuits that add value to the State College experience, and reinforce our belief that there’s no better place in the world to discover the best times of your life.

Annual Report 2019