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Your Cigar Den: Embracing the Local CommUNITY

In 2004, Your Cigar Den was established in Downtown State College. Your Cigar Den is highly acclaimed, having been recognized in State College Magazine and being the recipient of the CBICC’s Small Business of the Year Award. For six years, Your Cigar Den has been a major part of the heart of Happy Valley.

Tony Ghaffari, the owner of Your Cigar Den, is proud of the welcoming environment that he has created in his store, knowing that it is one of his keys to success.

“The obvious answer is our large selection, good quality and low prices, but that is all secondary to the sense of community we have. Newcomers can come in and, in a very short time, be involved in great conversation with folks they have never met before. We have a very welcoming adult environment.”

Ghaffari believes in the power of local business and the wide selection it can bring in, finding locally made and unique products to offer to his customers. He wants to be able to tailor his product selections to the community, and as a local business, he has been very successful.

The State College community means something special to Ghaffari.

“It means UNITY as in commUNITY. We all get behind some great causes like Penn State athletics and academics, inclusiveness, the arts, etc. This unity comes from our local traditions, shared memories, and the landmarks that have shaped the town.”


You can visit Your Cigar Den at 127 South Fraser Street in Downtown State College.